Spark Rules

Spark rules are how most people play a typical, casual round of golf. We've adopted these rules to keep play fun, friendly and at a good pace.

No Handicap Required

Handicaps help to level the playing field among players of all abilities. Spark provides you a handicap when you join. Your handicap will fluctuate based on your Spark scores.

Pick It Up

The Spark Golf app calculates a max score for each player on each hole. So if you’re stuck in a bunker, can't get it over the water or are just having a bad hole - don't worry! Pick it up, take the max score and move on to the next hole.

It's Good

Nobody likes to grind over a 3-footers all day, so if it's inside 3 feet (the typical length of a putter), pick it up - it's good. Make sure to count gimmies as a stroke in your score for the hole.

Play It Up

Did you bomb it right down the fairway only to have your ball end up in a divot? Well, that's no fun! Don't worry, in Spark Golf, you can move the ball and give yourself a good lie anytime you’re in the fairway.

Just Drop One

Did you hit one out of bounds or can't find your ball? Under traditional rules, you should go back to where you hit from, add a penalty stroke and hit again - yikes! That doesn't sound like fun and slows down play, so we do it differently. In Spark Golf, you can just drop a ball near where it was lost or went out of bounds, add a penalty stroke, and play on.