New in 2022

Spark is back and better than ever in 2022! Here are some of the improvements that we've been working to bring to you this year:

Format Improvements

New individual game
We’ve added an individual game to accompany the normal 2-person team game. This makes Spark Golf great for both 2-person teams as well as singles. If your partner can’t make it one week or maybe isn’t playing their best, you still have something to play for!
New market leaderboard
We’ve added market standings to accompany the normal league standings. You can now compete against your entire city in the team and individual games. We’ve also made it easier to play in multiple leagues giving you the best chance at becoming Market Champ!
Standings will reflect best 10 rounds
We’re bringing back "best 10"! Both the team and individual standings will reflect the cumulative points from your "best 10" rounds, so if you can't make it every week, don't worry, you'll still have a chance to win your league. If you do play more than 10 rounds, you can improve your place in the standings by improving on the point totals from your earlier rounds.
New points distribution
Points will be earned based on how you place/finish in each round with 1st place receiving the most points. We’ve improved the distribution of points to make it as fair as possible based on the number of teams/players playing in each round.

View Points Distribution

New second half
To make the season more fun and create more energy in the second half, all rounds in all leagues after July 4th will be worth double points. Play in as many second half rounds as you can to increase your chance at becoming League or Market Champ!
New formula for Spark Strokes
We’ve improved the handicap formula to make Spark strokes fluctuate more often which will decrease "bagging" and make Spark Golf more fair for all. This season your Spark strokes are calculated by taking your average number of strokes over par from your best 2 rounds of your last 5 rounds.

Prizing Updates

New Spark Orange medal for champs
Gold medals are earned by the best Olympians. Orange medals are earned by Spark League and Market Champs. Win your 2022 league or city and receive a Spark Orange Medal to show off to your friends and family.
Bigger skins pot
We’re more than doubling the max skins pot to $24. Spark will fund each round’s skins pot with $1 per player playing in that round, up to $24. Skin winners will be paid in Spark credit which can be applied at checkout towards future Spark rounds.

Other new stuff!

No more round credits
In the past, Spark players could purchase 9 or 18 round credits which could be used to play in Spark rounds in one specific league. For the 2022 season, we eliminated round credits. Instead you can either pay for each round using your saved credit card or prepay for Spark credit at 10% discount which can be used to register in any league round at any Spark course. Spark credit never expires.
New registration priority
Round registration in 2022 is now first-come, first-serve for all players. Make sure you and your partner both get registered before the round fills up. If a round does fill up, you can join the waitlist and you will be automatically registered for the round if a spot opens up. If you don't make it off the waitlist, Spark credit will be returned to your account that can be applied towards a future round.
Post-round meetups!
We've saved the best for last. This season we’re asking our course partners to keep their bars open and offer drink specials for a post-round meetup to allow you to socialize with other league players. Post-round meetups are not available at all leagues, so check the league page for details when registering for rounds in your local leagues.

We're more excited than ever for Spark Golf in 2022. We can't wait for you to to get out on the course, meet some new people, see some old friends and have a great time. Let's fire up the fun!