Ready to play Spark Golf? Spark is a 9-hole, social golf league organized to be casual and fun, with a touch of friendly competition.

Joining the league is free! League rounds are available for purchase each week or you can save money by pre-paying for Spark credit at a discount.

Join with a partner, have Spark partner you up with another single or play without a partner. Play as your schedule allows, earning points based on how you finish each round throughout the year. Your best 4 rounds count for the overall league standings.

Most of all, have fun!

  • 5 rounds available for play between October 5th - November 2nd.
  • Play with local friends and meet like-minded new ones.
  • Handicaps provided. No existing handicap necessary.
  • Each Spark round has both a 2-person team & individual game with end of league champs.

League Schedule

Prices shown reflect prepaid discount. Prepaid price includes cart.

Oct 5

4:45pm at Forest Lake
0/64 registered

Oct 12

4:45pm at Forest Lake
1/64 registered

Oct 19

4:45pm at Forest Lake
0/64 registered

Oct 26

4:45pm at Forest Lake
0/64 registered

Nov 2

4:30pm at Forest Lake
0/64 registered

Scoring Format

Spark is a recreational golf league focused on having fun. Part of the fun is friendly competition. We aim to keep the competition fair and enjoyable for everyone, no matter their skill level.

Each round has two games happening for all players - a team game and an individual game. In the team game, 2-person teams play a net best ball format. Each player plays their own ball into the hole. This is NOT a scramble. After each ball is holed, the team enters each player’s gross (actual) score into the Spark app which calculates the net score for each player based on current handicaps. The team score used for the hole is the better of the 2 net scores. The individual game is the net score for each player on their own ball.

The max score for each player on every hole is displayed in the Spark app. If this is reached prior to the ball being holed, the player should pick up to increase pace of play.

Skins will also be available each round. A skin is awarded to an individual who has the lowest non-tied, net score on a hole during the round.

Spark Handicaps

The number of Spark strokes a player receives is based on what the player selects for their good 9-hole score. Spark then assigns a specific number of Spark strokes based on this table:

Shoots around 36 for 9 holes0 Spark strokes
Shoots around 39 for 9 holes3 Spark strokes
Shoots around 42 for 9 holes6 Spark strokes
Shoots around 45 for 9 holes9 Spark strokes
Shoots 48+ for 9-holes12 Spark strokes

A "stroke" provides a player an advantage on a specific hole by reducing their actual or "gross" score to calculate their "net" score on that hole.

Example - If a player makes a gross 5 on a hole where they are receiving a stroke, their net score is 4.

Each player’s Spark strokes will be applied to their 9-hole round starting with the lowest handicap hole on the course’s scorecard.

Example - If a player is receiving 3 Spark strokes, they will get a stroke on the 3 lowest handicap holes of the nine.

The max number of Spark strokes for a round is 18. Players are awarded strokes on holes based on the lowest handicap holes. For example, a 12-stroke player receives 2 strokes on the 3 lowest handicap holes and 1 stroke on the remaining 6 holes.

The number of Spark strokes a player gets will be recalculated after each round. The number of strokes they receive fluctuates based on league scores. Spark calculates this by taking the average number of strokes over par from the best 2 rounds of the player’s last 5 rounds. When a player only has one round played, their Spark strokes will be the average of the score over par in that round plus their good 9-hole score. Once a player has played 2 or more rounds, their good 9-hole score has no impact on their Spark strokes.


Who plays spark golf?

Everyone! Spark is open to anyone looking to have a great time on the golf course. We have good players, we have bad players. We have players looking to meet new friends, we have players looking to hang with old friends. Come out and enjoy a relaxed and fun atmosphere created for everyone.

How do I join?

Joining Spark Golf is free! Find the league that works best for you and click "Join Now" to sign up.

How do I pay?

After you join Spark Golf, league rounds are available for registration on the website or in the Spark Golf app. You can save money by prepaying for Spark credit.

How do I register for a round?

You can register for any future round in any season up until 12:00pm on the day before play. Players can also unregister without penalty during this period. Each round has a limited number of players. Once the round fills up to the max number of players, additional players can register to join the waitlist. If you are on the waitlist, you will be automatically added to the round if a spot opens up. If a spot does not open up, you will receive Spark credit back which can be applied at checkout towards future Spark rounds.

Ready to play Spark Golf?

Spark brings people together to play golf. Our goal is to make Spark Golf more fun, social and organized than your everyday round of golf. We want you to play more golf. #playsparkgolf

  • Join the league for free
  • Pay for individual rounds as you go or prepay and save
  • Have fun!